Robotic Guidance PRODUCTS FEATURE:

  • 100% Inline Part ValidationAutomatic Scanner Position Alignment
  • Volumetric Measurements – Down to 6 microns
  • Pass / Fail Results within seconds
  • Robot movement allows for both large and small part scanning
  • Flexible Platform is customized to meet your needs
  • Several High Resolution 3D Cameras matched to your specification

3D Inspection

3D Inspection

3D Inspection

Part Validation Automatic Scanner with passed results

Good Volume

Part Validation Automatic Scanner with failed results

Under Filled

Robotic Guidance

Photon Inspector 3D uses advanced technology to measure and ensure your manufactured parts are made within tolerances. In-line with your manufacturing process, it quickly measures complex angles and material volume, to ensure quality standards are maintained before hundreds of bad parts are made. Robotic Guidance will adapt to your production line to convey your parts to an area where the robot recognizes and automatically scans your parts with a 3D camera. Photon Inspector 3D has a Z resolution as low as 6 micrometers.

Confirm your production quality is maintained on every part. Perfected for cast, forged and plastic molded parts. The Photon Inspector 3D leverages a FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot, 3D Area Sensor, LMI 3D camera, and custom software created by Robotic Guidance. It is designed to allow it to quickly add in and change part styles.

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